England pray for rain on 5th day

We're about to head into the 5th day and already Ricky Ponting is being criticised for not enforcing the follow-on. If Australia win today, noone will care but if by some miracle England manage to escape, it'll be Edgbaston all over again as the media and ex-greats question his abilities as captain. If we have a full day of cricket, Australia should put away the last 5 wickets easily but the forecast of possible storms this afternoon puts a shudder into every Australian fan and a ray of hope for every English supporter (hmm, mixing my metaphors there). Fox Sports have a weather radar map for the whole of Queensland but if you want a more detailed picture of the weather situation, you can't go past the Bureau of Metereology Brisbane Radar Map.
Posted by JC on Mon 27 Nov 23 comments
Ponting is indeed Stupid.. if you don't have guts to enforce follow on with excess of 400+ lead,you have no business of playing cricket.Test Cricket is so much of Psychology, imagine the Poms going into 2nd test match with innings defeat inflicted. and now when they may lose but will walk into next test with head held high and some of their batters with some form and pride. Ponting has no business to be leading the team,ever thought about this,Ponting resembles in looks with President of "Strongest Nation on Earth" and now he is acting like him as well :~(
Posted by Unsui on 2006-11-27 11:04:04
You've been listening to Ian Chappell haven't you Unsui? There are many ways to win a game. Thanks to some umpiring decisions which JC mentioned we didn't need the extra runs. But what if Australia had to bat day five on this pitch?
Posted by TA on 2006-11-27 14:46:54
The decision not to follow-on is controversial but my approval is based purely on self-serving reasons - I get longer Tests and hence more cricket!
Posted by JC on 2006-11-27 15:03:44
BTW, was surprised Steve Waugh criticised Ponting's decision considering he was the one who sent India back in at Calcutta. Still, that match was a freak occurance - England don't have anyone like Dravid and Laxman who could bat through a day. Even Pietersen seemed to be getting bored towards the end of the 4th day.
Posted by JC on 2006-11-27 15:05:35
Guys, the 5th day is required for sponsorship dollars alone - RTP's decision is based entirely on this - the happy side effect of demoralising the Poms, resting McGrath and not having the 5th day batting is purely coincidental.
Posted by virtualgaz on 2006-11-27 19:55:26
I'm surprised Ponting didn't order his bowlers not to take the 10th wicket until after the 25th over to ensure the Gabba got all the income from 5th day ticket sales
Posted by JC on 2006-11-27 20:32:17

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