Okay, not *everyone* is retiring

Glenn McGrath has clarified that rumours of his retirement were greatly exagerated:
"To be honest, I haven't said anything (about retiring). It's funny where it all comes from. To me, I'm just preparing for another game. Nothing's changed since the end of the Perth Test match, apart from the fact that Shane Warne's retiring at the end of the Sydney Test. So it's funny how Warnie decides that and . . . whether it's in his wake and I'm being pulled along as well or whether the media think it's time for me to go, I don't know."
Of all the Australians in the Test team, McGrath is showing his age the most. Nevertheless, he's still good for the first innings of a Test series as he's demonstrated in the last 2 Ashes series. All we need to do is wheel him out for the 1st Test, let him knock up a 6 for 50 then take a kip for the rest of the series. And while noone is actually asking, Stuart MacGill is going to great lengths to let everyone know he's not retiring either:
"There's definitely a role for me at state and international level for the next two to three years. I think it's really important to have experienced bowlers to form part of your attack because we've encountered difficult situations before and had to deal with them. Shane retiring hasn't changed my outlook at all. I'm going to be playing every game with the intention of preparing myself so if the opportunity arises to play for Australia, I'm the guy."
MacGill has lived in Warne's long shadow his entire career and with his wicket-taking ability would probably walk into any other Test side (except England where wicket taking is apparently not a strong prerequisite for their bowlers). All of Australia mourned when Warnie announced his retirement. Well, almost all. I can imagine Stuart MacGill was the only person air punching with an exultant "yessssss!"
Posted by JC on Fri 22 Dec 21 comments
Good news about McGrath but Stuart clark is his heir apparent. Hilfenhaus down here got another five for today so they may fast-track him. As for MacGill, well he is the second best leggie in the world. Selectors just have to decide whether team can afford his erratic bowling and be prepared to concede bulk runs from his end.
Posted by Dan Tas on 2006-12-22 21:32:30

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