How a squash ball won the World Cup

The more I think about it, the more significant Adam Gilchrist's innings seems in yesterday's World Cup victory. The rest of Australia's batsmen struggled against the Sri Lankan bowling - without Gilly's blistering 149 in a shortened match, surely Sri Lanka would've chased down Australia's total. When Gilly notched his hundred, he gestured towards the press box with his hand. I thought he was sticking it to some reporter that wrote a bad article about him (which surprised me considering what a good natured fellow Gilly is). But it turns out he was actually acknowledging the squash ball ball in his glove. That's right, Gilly squeezed a squash ball in his batting glove which apparently helps him maintain a correct grip and improves his technique. The idea comes from his batting coach Bob Meuleman:
"It is to stop his bat turning in his hand. I've worked with him for 10 years and he has an unusual grip in which his hand goes too far around the back of the bat. (The squash ball) is a great big lump in your glove but it means that you can only use your bottom hand in a V. It is hard to get around the back of the bat with it, which means he improves his grip.

I went to a squash centre before he went off and got him six squash balls that were a bit broken and were not as hard as a new ball. You don't want it to crush right down but be a bit flexible. He had a few hits before he went off for the World Cup. He didn't have the squash ball in and he hit them like he couldn't even play fourth grade. He put it in and he then hit the ball so well."
Well, I can't even play fourth grade so would a squash ball have me batting at World Cup winning levels? Sign me up!
Posted by JC on Mon 30 Apr 189 comments
I am glad they finally told us what that gesture was. I thought the was signalling to his dressing room he needs new gloves, then the commentators told us it was directed at the media centre. I think it was about an hour later we got the true story. It certainly confused his celebration though.

My only question is, if he bats better with a squash ball, imagine all his other innings that could have been improved. Who knows he could have got the fastest century in Perth.
Posted by Andrew on 2007-04-30 12:26:07
Wait now for someone to question the legality of it all. No case I'd have thought, but it may not stop someone from trying.
I'd reckon batting with one would be bloody difficult; bit like getting Murali to bowl with plaster of paris around his elbow.
Posted by Dan Tas on 2007-04-30 14:47:49
How the hell can he bat with a ball in his glove?Surely it would pain a little.Well,i guess it didn't seeng the way he batted.Also is it legal to have some 'foreign substance' in your glove while batting?I dont think anyone has made a rule for something this bizzare...
Posted by Ajesh Nag on 2007-04-30 17:54:42
I would like to discuss the effects of this method in scientific terms.

A squash ball is a rubber ball so that when applied pressure unlike cricket ball it compresses and when the pressure is released it take original shape. In short it acts like a spring (e.g.: motor bicycle shock absorber). So what happen when a batman has a squash ball in the palm of his bottom hand? When a batsman swings the bat until it hits the ball there is pressure on his bottom hand. This pressure compresses the squash ball thus storing energy in the ball similar to spring. Just after the ball hit the bat (ball still touching the bat) this pressure starts to relax while the bat is moving forward. At the same time the energy stored in the squash ball release its energy to the bat in the form of kinetic energy. The result is that the bat moves faster than normal (without a ball in the glove). As a result the release speed of the cricket ball become faster resulting the ball traveling further (more 6s and 4s) before hitting the ground. The down side is because the bat travel faster than normal the batmen might loose control of the bat. This happened once in the Adam Gilchrist´s innings. If you have any doubts please try to do it yourself and see the result.
In brief Adam Gilchrist´s use of squash ball allowed him to his the ball further in the field.

An interesting statistic:
Adam Gilchrist faced 104 balls and hit 13 4´s and 8 6´s
All the other Australian batsmen faced 127 balls and hit just 7 4´s and 2 6´s (Hayden, ponting, Symonds, Watson, etc)
Sanath Jayasuriya who has most one day sixes had no 6s in his knock of 63

Is this method legal? I don’t know (look at rules books)
Is other batsmen using this method? I don’t know either
Posted by vijitha herath on 2007-05-02 18:23:15
Makes perfect sense to me. If he was gripping the bat too hard with his bottom hand, then he is more prone to close the face of the bat too early, which would affect the cleanliness of the strike on bat and ball and cause him to drag it. Think about what happens if you grip a golf club too tightly. With the squash ball, he could not grip the bat with his bottom hand so tight, making him more top hand dominant, and helping to ensure that the face of the bat stays open for longer, ensuring a better strike. It is nothing whatsover to do with kinetic energy. I am English (see for proof) and take my hat off to a bit of innovative thinking.
Posted by The Village Cricketer on 2007-05-02 19:24:23
LOL the kinetic energy of a squash making the ball travel further. Have you ever seen a squash ball. It doesn't take much energy to squash one, also it doesn't release the energy in a explosive amount (its designed to disburse the energy so it doesn't bounce too much)(also the balls were old damaged balls). If anything it would reduce the amount of energy applied to the ball, Gilchrist was using it as a method to correct his grip.

Also its nice how you conveniently ignore that Symonds, Clarke and Watson all had strike rates of 100+. Only Hayden was having an off game at 60 and Ponting a slow game at 83.

Don't be a sore loser Vijtha. The reason Gilchrist has such power is because he grips his bat further up the handle (often commentated on by the commentators) giving him incredible power at the expense of finese.
Posted by Andrew on 2007-05-02 21:29:36
Of course its illegal.By using the squash ball he had an undue advantage over others.
Posted by Mark on 2007-05-03 13:12:33
Speaking about undue advantage, even Scott Styris removed the plaster from his injured bowling hand before bowling in one of the matches.
Posted by Sam on 2007-05-03 13:46:28
I thought Styris injured his non-bowling hand.
Posted by JC on 2007-05-03 16:19:58
How is it an undue advantage?
Every other player in the world can use a squash ball if they like. But it will make no difference to their batting. I guarentee you if I went down to the local batting cage, with a squash ball in my glove it will make no difference to my batting.

However if I went down to the local batting cage with a giant bat with a face thats 30cm wide, I guarentee you I will be able to hit the ball every time.

Also I think the removal of the plaster actually helped Styris, because otherwise he couldn't use his other hand for batting. (Imagine batting with a plastered finger, you wouldn't be able to grip a bat, or catch a ball.)
Posted by Andrew on 2007-05-03 18:26:29
In-form batsman Scott Styris has put a minor scare through the Black Caps camp, less than 24 hours before New Zealand's World Cup semi-final against Sri Lanka in Jamaica.

Styris has copped a blow to his right hand in a high intensity fielding session on Tuesday and sat out the rest of the practice.

However, the measure looks to be precautionary and it is hoped the Auckland batsman will be able to play on Wednesday.
Posted by Sam on 2007-05-04 12:46:03
if Gilchrist is allowed to use a squash ball in his glove, all the bowlers should be allowed to use some kind of plaster to help their grip on the few of the past match's gilchrist bottom hand released and he got the final if gilchrist hadn't use the squash ball he might have got out in simmilar way for a small score maybe andrew's heroes would have scored 43 runs less as the other batsmen had s.rate of only 100.and the total sri lanka had to chase would have been only 238 wich is acheivable in 38 overs.
Posted by Dumindu on 2007-05-05 16:40:43
Dumindu, the difference is that plaster on a bowler will help ALL bowlers. A squash ball in the glove won't help too many players. Also if you notice batsman wear these things called Gloves. On these gloves there are these rubber/plastic bits, that act as a grip. Are they illegal? What if one player uses a different grip to another is that illegal? What about the steaks in the glove.

Also Dumindu do some research on Gilchrist he can bat at incredible strike rates. Look at the Ashes test in Perth where he scored the Second fastest test centuary.

But tell you what Dumindu, I am happy for the Sri Lankan batsman to try the squash ball, let me know.

Also notice none of the Sri Lankan team actually care, no one has complained, they instead congratulated Gilchrist and moved on. Only the whinging fans are trying to throw mud and proposing "hypotheticals".
Posted by Andrew on 2007-05-06 02:13:51
Are you in your right mind 'neutral'? What has the ICC done in the past when, for example, Ponting's bat was deemed illegal did they annul all his performances previously made with that type of bat?
This will blow over very soon. It will become just an interesting anecdote to an otherwise one-sided final.
Posted by immortal on 2007-05-06 02:38:11
Regardless of whether or not kinetic energy helped him hit more sixes than the rest - it did on his own admission help him make the century by correcting his grip.

The question now remains as to are concealed performace aids of this sort legal? Whats next? spinners having sandpaper glued to their fingers?
Posted by charles on 2007-05-07 10:16:20
Thought I'd add a comment to the supposed advantage of the squash ball in the glove. It was there to help Gilchrist with his grip, so the ball would be to the side of the bat handle, not between his hand and the handle. So the force from the ball onto the bat would be perpendicular to the squash ball, and there would be no spring force in the direction of the bat movement. If anything, the ball would be likely to make the bat pop sideways out of his hand which is what happened once.
Posted by MT on 2007-05-07 17:38:49
Wow Charles you really have no clue do you.

If all spinners could wear plaster on their fingers it would benefit 99% of all spinners.

However Batsman ALREADY have grips to suit them. Every player uses different gloves and different grips on their bats.

A better grip will NOT make you bat better alone. You still need timing, power, accuracy and vision to see the gaps in the field.

This comment sums up the whole riduclous debate.

"A bunny with squash-ball-in-glove doesn't a Gilchrist make"
Posted by Andrew on 2007-05-07 18:42:35
This is bringing the game into disrepute. Let the game be played in true spirits.
ICC got its head in sand again..
Posted by james on 2007-05-07 19:34:21
It shouldnt be illegal. What if a glove company makes a glove with a thick sponge surface to mimic the squash ball. Then there wont be an issue of a "foreign object" unless the weight and dimensions of the glove are restricted but then that would be too much regulation.
Posted by Raza on 2007-05-08 01:22:58
Hey guys I just had the most amazing business idea.

Let go buy a few hundred thousand squash balls, we repackaged them as the "Gilchrist Magic", we could even get Gilchrist to endorse them.

Our advert would simply be to show the highlights of the world cup, and the slogan "The magic of Gilchrist packaged for you"

Ok maybe the slogan could use some work. I am open to suggestions. Also if any of Sri Lankan fans are interested I am willing to you let you have the first batch for a special price. Trust me its guarenteed to make you hit like Gilchrist. I even have a newspaper article to back me up.

JC do you accept advertising? I am even willing to consider profit sharing. Maybe a few favourable articles on Australia "magic" squash ball.
Posted by Andrew on 2007-05-08 11:06:00
Andrew, how about you register the domain - I'll advertise you from here. Maybe a slogan like "From 4th grader to world beater". Don't expect too much of a Sri Lanka market though.
Posted by JC on 2007-05-08 12:01:52
Hey JC Not sure about the web domain. Might have to do some market research first, see if there is any interest.

I do have an Advert ready to go if your willing to do a test run. I think I can offer you say 20% on all profits.
Posted by Andrew on 2007-05-08 13:05:07
Andrew, I was kidding - you're not actually seriously considering it, are you? Maybe you should wait for the official ICC word before making any financial decisions :-)
Posted by JC on 2007-05-08 14:58:27
JC, I wonder how many of the "knockers" have actually swung a bat. Its hard enough as it is without putting a squash ball in the glove. How about giving the guy a bit of credit for firstly being a great batsman, and secondly for having the initiative and courage to follow his coach's advice with such a radical (and risky) method of improving his grip. It could have had the opposite result, but he had the guts to risk it and the outcome speaks for itself.
Posted by Kev on 2007-05-09 09:37:13
Australians are known for their most unpopular,kiddish behavior on and off feild in cricket as well as in general.they interfere with other peoples buisness much to the Annoyance of rest of the world.
Shane warne's substance abuse and how Australia tried to cover it up was also a good example in the history.
In this case of Adam Gilchrist and the miss use of an illegal/hidden squash ball in a gentlemans game inorder to push Australia towards victory is totaly uncalled for and unethical.

Is Australia the true winners of 2007 cricket world cup???...we all have doubts!
Posted by george on 2007-05-09 23:17:34
Can a batsman carry an object - in this case, a squash ball not
connected with cricket to help him on the field? Did he secure the prior permission of the umpires? Was the fielding side captain aware of the use of the squash ball? Did Mahela Jayawardene approve its use?And, above all, and in a manner of speaking, did Gilchrist's 'hidden
ball' give him an unfair advantage in knocking the daylights out of the Lankan bowlers? These are hypothetical questions, of course, but cricket - a sport governed by mighty laws not lowly rules - is always full of ifs and buts that leaves cricket haters plain mystified but keeps cricket lovers breathlessly debating the whys and wherefores till kingdom come. A quick recap of cricketing laws shows that

> Gilchrist's squash ball was, therefore, neither a piece of protective equipment, nor clothing item and was most certainly not visible to either side or the umpires. The law specifically prohibits a player
from using equipment other than that permitted. And nowhere in
cricket's 42 laws is there a mention of a squash ball as a permitted item. If Dennis Lilee's aluminium bat and Ricky Ponting's
graphite-coated bat could be deemed illegal, if Hansie Cronje's
earpiece experiment was not OK, if Scott Styris had to remove all the bandage from his right hand before he could bowl in the super eight match, can Adam Gilchrist's 'hidden ball' pass muster? No law can, of course, take the sheen away from Gilchrist's knock. Batting with a
normal grip against the world's best bowlers is tough enough, batting with a squash ball in one of your gloves is worse. To score 149 scintillating runs is, well, incredible. Still, two questions arise:

> If using a squash ball isn't ok as per the laws of the game, is his innings legal and does it count? And if it doesn't count, can Australia claim to have won a hopelessly one-sided and farcical

Should the tittle be stripped off Australians?....and given to true winners -The Sri Lankans!??
Posted by Dinesh on 2007-05-09 23:32:13
Disgusting!! Improve grip?? Rubbish! The idea is to hit the ball further as a squash ball would increase energy transmitted through the bat! A cricket official wrote an article on the net saying he spoke to Malcolm Speed. Apparantley Malcolm is trying to sweep the issue under the carpet which means Gilly is going to escape justice. I am not remotely surprised. Australian president is NEVER going to punish a fellow countryman.
Posted by UGK on 2007-05-11 03:51:49
UGK, I had given up hope of finding a customer. Tell you what as my first customer of the GILLY POWER MAGIC BALL I will give you a special discount price of $25USD INCLUDING DELIVERY and a FREE set of steak knives. Remember the GILLY MAGIC POWER BALL the only squash ball to receive offical recognition of one Sri Lankan Cricket Secretary and crazy fans the world over.
Posted by Andrew on 2007-05-11 10:24:07
ok my take on this is that according to the rules a foreign object is not allowed without prior knowledge of the umpires, and a squash ball is not part of cricket equipment (this alone makes it illegal). Second someone said that a glove can be made to mimic the effect of having a squash ball in the glove then yes Gilchrist should have had a custom glove made.
Giclhrist probably had doubts about the legality of having a squash ball in his glove thats why he used it in the final only but then he did not hide it and admitted he had a foreign objext in his gloves.
Posted by sa on 2007-05-12 10:06:36
SA, go read up. Gilchrist has used it before with no complaint against other Australians. He never had any doubts over the squash ball, his batting coach said as much when interviewed.

You forget SA this whole rubbish only started because of internet bloggers who are sore loser. There was never any offical complaint. The Sri Lankan team didn't care.
Posted by Andrew on 2007-05-12 11:19:59
Australians had no complaints?? ofcourse not!come off it,would Australians make an issue against their own?apart from the fact they make noises over silly other issue.charming!
whats illegal IS is cricket and squash id squash.wake up aussies,and live by the rules!
Practice what u preach!
Posted by Teichter on 2007-05-13 19:25:54
Err Teichter, its NOT illegal. Its been ruled on.

Also the Sri Lankan team haven't complained. Why not? Because its NOT ILLEGAL.
Posted by Andrew on 2007-05-13 20:47:15 is ILLEGAL!

If Sri Lanka does not want to complain,it would be their problem,nut in the eyes of thousands of fans,who prefer justice over the issue,it is ILLEGAL!

Hang in there,all will fall in to right place at the right time.
Posted by Teichter on 2007-05-14 00:38:30
Ha Ha Ha...back to you buddy.

u sure must be Australian??

by the way,for Andrew : Sri Lanka did raise concerns and this willl be disscussed at ICC before deciding to proceed with the case in London.
Posted by George on 2007-05-14 21:01:46
may it be Legal or not,I personaly feel glad on one area of the whole controversy,which is that Australia would by now know,the world "DO NOT" keep silent ot listen to their "crap" no more.
Most unpopular Australian Arrogance and their habbit of interference in other teams biz (Eg:Captain Ricky Pontings statement over Sri Lanka player selection)may have tought them a lesson.have they learnt to keep their gap shut when it should be shut,or would they never learn?..atleast John howard?
Posted by Steve Spence on 2007-05-14 21:31:09
LOL George we don't count the Secretary who got a little over excite and wasn't speaking with the backing of the board. It was stated that the secretary was speaking for himself. NOT the Board.

The team and head of the Sri Lankan Cricket Board don't care in the least. Murali himself said that its fine by him.
Posted by Andrew on 2007-05-15 00:57:38
LOL......looks like Murali is now a good guy for Australia?? Hear! Hear!!
Posted by George on 2007-05-15 04:28:25
Way to blind yourself to the point with your hate George.
The fact that Murali, who would have every reason to bad-mouth australia, did not speaks volumes.
Posted by Leeisl on 2007-05-15 20:49:16
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